Jake Youngert

Director of Engineering, Maintenance and Metrology

Jake leads at Bryllan drawing on several years of frontline experience in the manufacturing of sterile, injectable pharmaceutical products coupled with overseeing Navy Nuclear Power Plant Operations. Jake directs the site maintenance and calibration programs, directs qualification activities for facility, utilities, and equipment, as well as all in-house equipment custom equipment and design.

During his time in the United States Navy, Jake was a subject matter expert for all mechanical, fluid and piping systems in the power plant and was responsible for all Quality Assurance maintenance/testing on nuclear systems. Early in his pharmaceutical career, he was employed by Genentech, where he specialized in critical utilities, including Building Automation Systems, Isolator Technology, HVAC, WFI generation and distribution, Pure Steam generation and distribution, electrical power distribution and reliability and all non-GMP support utilities required for the generation of critical utilities.

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