Live Virus and Vaccine Manufacturers

Largest US Facility for Virus, Vaccines, and ADC Vaccine Manufacturing

What YOU can expect:
  • State-of-the-art isolator sterile full lines
  • GMP commercial scale fill finish capacity
  • Facility designed with the highest quality standards
  • Liquid Filing
  • Lyophilization

Bryllan has the in-house expertise and track record required to ensure live virus and vaccine production are successful. Make that experience and background part of your research team by letting Bryllan manage all aspects of your product. Our approach is highly coordinated, and offers the very latest GMP in equipment and facility design.Handling live viruses and vaccines presents a unique challenge that requires operational experience that is as broad as it is deep. At Bryllan we understand these challenges and have built a state-of the-art facility with appropriate controls to enhance the development of your product. It’s something we take to heart when we’re working with our clients, which is why our expert teams will work tirelessly to ensure your project optimizes costs, timeline, and quality.

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