Our Mission

Consistent on-time delivery of safe and effective medications of the highest quality can only be achieved when patient care is the primary focus. By truly partnering with our clients, we, at Bryllan, work together with them to ensure that a dependable high quality supply of these vital medications are available when our patients need them.

At Bryllan our aim is to be leaders: leaders in serving our clients, leaders in quality and compliance, and leaders in technical innovation. We are unwilling to accept business as usual and seek to bring a fresh perspective and discipline to the contract manufacturing process.

Service to our clients begins with a clear dialogue which lays out the specifications and schedule for production of each product. As a team, Bryllan and the client will work through the technical challenges of technology transfer and process development. We never lose sight of the fact that we are a service organization and that our client’s requirements are paramount.

A robust, yet practical Quality System built on a risk-based, scientific approach to manufacturing underlies all that we do. This quality approach helps to ensure right first time manufacturing and on time delivery of product.

As leaders in technical innovation, we have constructed a purpose-built facility uniquely designed to safely and efficiently handle a wide variety of difficult to manufacture molecules. Containment is not handled through work-arounds or simply by procedure, the facility is designed specifically to provide ease, efficiency and safety in manufacturing to protect both the product and our people.

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